Philips Juicers and how to chose them

Philips HR1854 Juicer

Philips HR1854 Juicer

The Philips HR1854 Juicer is the baby of Philips range of centrifugal juicers. It is easy to use,  easy to clean and cheaper than the pro-aluminium or Robust range of machines. It would suit anyone with a desire for making fresh vegetable juice, fruit juice or a even a mix of both.

If you want to make fresh juice each day then you should probably skip to one of the other juicers featured on this site, but for occasional use, e.g. once a week, this is a fine machine and you need not look elsewhere.

Note that the other machines have larger motors and higher spin speeds so will extract more juice from the fruit or vegetables.

Main Features:

  • No pre-cutting required thanks to extra-large 75mm diameter feed tube and powerful 550 watt motor
  • Two speed settings to juice hard and soft fruits and vegetables easily
  • All removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Features micro-mesh filter, one litre pulp container and 700 ml juice jug with foam separator for clear or cloudy juice
  • Comes with recipe booklet featuring 10 delicious and easy-to-make juice recipes
  • Colour: Bright white with silver accents

Buying your Philips HR 1854 Juicer

Philips HR1854 Juicer feed tube with apple

Having reviewed the prices for these machines in various places, including Philip's own web site, the high street retailers and so on, I've found the cheapest supplier is currently Amazon. One of the factors is that they include delivery costs in the price. (I was surprised to find Amazon selling things other than books, but given their strong reputation for quality service and fast delivery I'm happy to recommend them.)


Incidentally this model is no longer listed by Philips but suppliers still have some stock and the price is really very low for a good device like this. If you're on a budget and can still find one in stock then this is your best bet.

Once you have ordered your juicer I suggest you check out our page on juicing recipe books.